We purchased this great domain name back in May 2014, we had to check the spelling a few times just to make sure that we weren't sure at first sight whether or not we were buying the right name version of the name.

We agreed to buy the name from a friend of ours and along with 2 other prime names. We paid a fair price for them, so unfortunately didn't get them cheap but we think in time the investment will pay off. We have a few development plans for this one, but the name is so open to many projects that we haven't yet settled on a single use. In fact just searching the database on the Companies House website throws up something like 15,000 companies with the term in the name somewhere.

One of the ideas we had was to use the site for a business start up platform, giving advice on things like raising finance for start ups - all the way through to bank accounts etc. Unfortunately the FCA seem to want to regulated everything to within an inch of it's life and anything in that area would have to wait almost 18 months for a license according to our solicitors. Welcome to starting a business in the UK - 2015.

We don't have plans to sell this, we expect it to be with us for a good number of years.