Contact GreyWing

We will try to answer queries from people as often as we can. So that we don't waste your time, we can't respond to any of the following:

1) Questions that include "How much for"

We literally get hundreds of questions like this a month and we can't respond to them all. We don't sell domain names at the best of times, we aren't going to sit down and work out prices for domain names only to find the response "I could register that for £6". We've been there and done that, now stopped it.

If you are serious about buying a name from us, please send an offer in your inquiry. If the offer is of interest and we have no further use for the name we will consider selling it and respond. We won't be responding to offers of £50 for etc. We don't mean to be rude, but think of it like you getting 30 PPI calls a day, eventually you would get fed up as well.

2) SEO ranking offers, thanks but we'll pass on getting to the top of Google this week thanks, we like it on page 100 out of the way.


For everyone else, please the use the form on this page ad we will come back to you.