The Department For Comedy is back again, one week the DCMS are trying to ban porn, the next they are banning drop catching software. I dowonder if the next law that comes out of there will be to ban the rain. Anyway, this time it however it may have real fallout for domainers.

This Department for Culture, Media and Sport has no real work to do, so they have to invent problems to solve. It’s like the Department from Yes Minister. It doesn’t really have anything serious to administer. it's full of staff that other departments in Government don’t want. A sort of day care centre for staff they can’t sack and don’t want loose in public.

This is department is the one that come up with some weird rule about opting into to watch porn, and when this didn’t stamp out porn, they notched it up and they told porn sites to ask for your credit card so they can do age verification on you. Their idea on how to stop porn was to get you to hand over your credit card details to porn sites – I’m not joking. They thought they had jurisdiction over porn sites in America and China, that they should follow UK rules. I'm not sure they really understand this internet thing.

Now, after being unable to alter anyone’s habits on porn, they have now given up and are hunting for a new mission. They need to take on an easy target, ticket touts – they can’t lose this one surely?

What on earth seeing Adele  in concert has even anything to do with the Government is beyond me.

Someone in there has come up with an amazing idea on how to stop ticket touts – they will make the use of bots that snap up tickets illegal. It’s basically the same software that domainers use to catch expired domain names.

There are few details in public at the moment for this new legislation but in a few weeks or months, drop catching domain names automated scripts could be a criminal offence. If this new law doesn’t discriminate between bots buying tickets and bots buying domains, a lot of you will be criminals.

Back to the ticket touts for a second. The DCMS are at best naïve and at worst beyond dam help. If they really think that ticket sites can’t keep out bots and need help from Government in the form of new laws, then they are taking the pee.

The ticket sites are in on this ticket price inflation thing. They could easily stop the bots. It would be like Nominet claiming that they can’t stop dropcatchers and need new laws. Of course Nominet have never claimed they can’t stop dropcatchers. Nominet give each member a quota and manage that quota accordingly. The point is though, that bots can be controlled.

The truth is that these ticket sites don’t want to keep bots out, if they did they could simply limit purchases to one purchase per unique credit card per week or something, they could send one ticket to each address per week, they could monitor IP addresses. Without having in-depth knowledge, there are numerous things they could easily do to stop bots getting on their system.

The ticket sites have agreements if not direct links to these so-called third party re-sellers. It appears that the Government doesn’t realise that yet.

I do wonder sometimes whether or not after these ticket sites bosses met with the DCMS Ministers, they all headed to the nearest pub where they couldn’t stop laughing at the stupidity of this department and how the managed to get away claiming they can’t stop the bots.

It’s crazy to think that the DCMS think they need to take up thousands of hours of MP’s time when these sites could just add Google’s Recaptcha system and 5 minutes of tech time and have better results.


Your Grandad from the 80’s programming the video – that’s today’s DCMS!

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Sunday, 19 July 2015 10:02

Easy Loans

We managed to purchase Easy Loans back in the summer of 2011 and it was a nice addition to our lending portfolio.

The site is reasonably successful and over the last 4 years we have received a few offers to sell the name and the site from investors. We don't intend to sell the domain anytime soon and we are more than happy to keep it ticking along while we build our network a bit larger.

One problem with the lending industry at the moment is the constant barrage of nonsense from the FCA in the form of regulation and requests. Sometimes they even tell us where to put our contact details because they feel our visitors are so stupid they can't click on the "contact us" page and find them that way. If we don't do it they threaten to take our license from us.

Those of you that know us know that we don't tend to take ultimatums all that well and often respond in colourful language of our own. At the moment we have told them that we are not willing to comply unless we know exactly which rule it is they are relying on to request suck compliance. Currently they have failed to explain themselves and things maybe going legal pretty quick.


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