Genuine says everything about the quality of anything that the domain name is linked to in the future. One of our better domains but ultimately one we don't yet have any specific plans to develop.

The name lends itself to multiple different uses, anything from a site thats' aim is to combat fakes and replicas - all the way over to a site that would sell high end luxury goods online. One idea that we did consider was to use the name to sell expensive second hand watches. Unfortunately researched showed that buyers of those types of watches are looking for salesman and sellers that know something about their watches. Unfortunately that isn't us, we lknow next to nothing about watches, think Casio from the 80's and that's when we last stopped using a watch.

At the moment we don't have plans for this name, it isn't actively for sale so we will just wait for that eureka moment to pop into our heads and use it for something one day.