This is one of our better domain names and one we are proud to be associated with. With things moving into a more virtual / augmented reality direction, we can see many uses for this name. 

Surprisingly it is a name that we don't get a lot of inquiries about, in fact it gets very little interest from anyone. It doesn't really matter from our point of view because it isn't one we want to sell. 

As we previously mentioned, our initial aim is to build a business around the new technologies that are coming online. Each month we see new virtual reality ideas spring up that we haven't even thought of never mind tried to build. By taking our time with this domain we may eventually just stumble across a great use for it. Other ideas for this name include possible Experience Days or an advertising business.

We sometimes listen to offers about joint ventures on certain names and would possibly do so on this one, although the name wouldn't be for sale unfortunately.