Sunday, 23 August 2015 00:18

When we seen this name become available we instantly liked the look of it. It was very brand able and we could use it on many different types of projects. Anything from Windows and doors, computer parts to Modifications. 

We are not 100% sure exactly how we obtained the name, we cannot remember if we bought it from someone else or if we registered it from new. Chances are that we registered it from new as we probably seen it on a drop list somewhere back in 2007.

We are aware that the company Halford’s have some sort of brand where they use the term “WeFit”. As far as we know they started using this term a good few years after we registered the domain name - so we don't foresee any trademark issues. However any future uses of the name would probably be best avoiding the car parts market. As far as we know they have never approached us or enquired about the name.

We don't have any specific plans for this name at the moment so chances are that it is a name that we would be willing to sell if the right offer came in.

Our stats do not indicate a high amount of traffic with this name and any potential buyer should be aware that the sale would be for the name only and not for any website or business attached to it. Full rights would be sold with the variant.

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Monday, 17 August 2015 02:23

That UK

The history of these two names with us goes back to 2010 when the domain names was purchased by us at auction. On the launch of the new .uk platform in June 2014 - we exercised pour right to the new .uk and switched from to 

Although the name has always been linked to us, it was registered to the company "That Internet Ltd". In mid-2015, it was decided that the company would be wound up (without debtors) and that the domain names would no longer be used as we switched the brand back to "GreyWing". 

One of the reasons that we have decided to stop using this brand was that we were finding it extremely difficult to rank the term “That” in the search engines. As the word is very common, we didn’t have either the “money” or “will” to throw at branding it up for what was in reality a non commercial site – it didn’t sell anything to the public. 

The names and great brand and over the years we received many offers to sell them, always declining due to sensitive e-mail accounts that we could never sell on. Moving back to GreyWing allowed us to disassociate ourselves from the e-mail accounts that ended in The names are also linked to a part of our past that we want to stay in our past. The disputes with Nominet were often mistakenly linked to these domain names, although in reality the names never had part of that dispute. 

By ceasing to use the names, it allows us to sell the names on in future if we wish and an offer comes in. Saying that, selling the names is not top priority for us at this moment in time. There are many uses that we have in mind if we wish to use the names again. The names are very generic, very brandable and can lend themselves to just about anything.  

We are quite happy to have the names sit in our portfolio and add an extra image of quality to our business.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016 06:32

We understand that there was an article in the times this week about the possible development of Genesis into a crowd funding platform for savers and mortgage borrowers to come together. We can't stress enough how far this is from going live. We are looking into it, but it is very very complex with many issues that need to be overcome. 

We wouldn't expect to see any movement on it this year, if anything it will be early 2017 if it does happen.


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Friday, 24 July 2015 14:38

We have owned this name for around 3 years. It started when we seen it on the popular domain auction website and tried to alert our friend in the security business that it might be a good buy for them.

The name had a buy now option but the friend didn't want to use it and decided to pass. We liked the look of it and decided to purchase it at the "buy now price". We didn't have a use for it but thought that it would be a nice brand for some kind of security site. Our friend in finance pointed out that it would be better selling insurance type products.

In the end, we haven't yet got round to doing anything with it ourselves and still looking for a project we can put it to use on. It is one that we get a lot of offers about in the past but selling it isn't a top priority for us and we have so far declined all approaches for the name itself.

Our aim is to develop a site of some kind on their within the coming years and turn it into a fully functional business.

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Sunday, 19 July 2015 10:02

Easy Loans

We managed to purchase Easy Loans back in the summer of 2011 and it was a nice addition to our lending portfolio.

The site is reasonably successful and over the last 4 years we have received a few offers to sell the name and the site from investors. We don't intend to sell the domain anytime soon and we are more than happy to keep it ticking along while we build our network a bit larger.

One problem with the lending industry at the moment is the constant barrage of nonsense from the FCA in the form of regulation and requests. Sometimes they even tell us where to put our contact details because they feel our visitors are so stupid they can't click on the "contact us" page and find them that way. If we don't do it they threaten to take our license from us.

Those of you that know us know that we don't tend to take ultimatums all that well and often respond in colourful language of our own. At the moment we have told them that we are not willing to comply unless we know exactly which rule it is they are relying on to request suck compliance. Currently they have failed to explain themselves and things maybe going legal pretty quick.


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Wednesday, 15 July 2015 10:11

Genuine says everything about the quality of anything that the domain name is linked to in the future. One of our better domains but ultimately one we don't yet have any specific plans to develop.

The name lends itself to multiple different uses, anything from a site thats' aim is to combat fakes and replicas - all the way over to a site that would sell high end luxury goods online. One idea that we did consider was to use the name to sell expensive second hand watches. Unfortunately researched showed that buyers of those types of watches are looking for salesman and sellers that know something about their watches. Unfortunately that isn't us, we lknow next to nothing about watches, think Casio from the 80's and that's when we last stopped using a watch.

At the moment we don't have plans for this name, it isn't actively for sale so we will just wait for that eureka moment to pop into our heads and use it for something one day.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015 08:10

This is one of our better domain names and one we are proud to be associated with. With things moving into a more virtual / augmented reality direction, we can see many uses for this name. 

Surprisingly it is a name that we don't get a lot of inquiries about, in fact it gets very little interest from anyone. It doesn't really matter from our point of view because it isn't one we want to sell. 

As we previously mentioned, our initial aim is to build a business around the new technologies that are coming online. Each month we see new virtual reality ideas spring up that we haven't even thought of never mind tried to build. By taking our time with this domain we may eventually just stumble across a great use for it. Other ideas for this name include possible Experience Days or an advertising business.

We sometimes listen to offers about joint ventures on certain names and would possibly do so on this one, although the name wouldn't be for sale unfortunately.

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