That UK

The history of these two names with us goes back to 2010 when the domain names was purchased by us at auction. On the launch of the new .uk platform in June 2014 - we exercised pour right to the new .uk and switched from to 

Although the name has always been linked to us, it was registered to the company "That Internet Ltd". In mid-2015, it was decided that the company would be wound up (without debtors) and that the domain names would no longer be used as we switched the brand back to "GreyWing". 

One of the reasons that we have decided to stop using this brand was that we were finding it extremely difficult to rank the term “That” in the search engines. As the word is very common, we didn’t have either the “money” or “will” to throw at branding it up for what was in reality a non commercial site – it didn’t sell anything to the public. 

The names and great brand and over the years we received many offers to sell them, always declining due to sensitive e-mail accounts that we could never sell on. Moving back to GreyWing allowed us to disassociate ourselves from the e-mail accounts that ended in The names are also linked to a part of our past that we want to stay in our past. The disputes with Nominet were often mistakenly linked to these domain names, although in reality the names never had part of that dispute. 

By ceasing to use the names, it allows us to sell the names on in future if we wish and an offer comes in. Saying that, selling the names is not top priority for us at this moment in time. There are many uses that we have in mind if we wish to use the names again. The names are very generic, very brandable and can lend themselves to just about anything.  

We are quite happy to have the names sit in our portfolio and add an extra image of quality to our business.