When we seen this name become available we instantly liked the look of it. It was very brand able and we could use it on many different types of projects. Anything from Windows and doors, computer parts to Modifications. 

We are not 100% sure exactly how we obtained the name, we cannot remember if we bought it from someone else or if we registered it from new. Chances are that we registered it from new as we probably seen it on a drop list somewhere back in 2007.

We are aware that the company Halford’s have some sort of brand where they use the term “WeFit”. As far as we know they started using this term a good few years after we registered the domain name wefit.co.uk - so we don't foresee any trademark issues. However any future uses of the name would probably be best avoiding the car parts market. As far as we know they have never approached us or enquired about the name.

We don't have any specific plans for this name at the moment so chances are that it is a name that we would be willing to sell if the right offer came in.

Our stats do not indicate a high amount of traffic with this name and any potential buyer should be aware that the sale would be for the name only and not for any website or business attached to it. Full WeFit.uk rights would be sold with the .co.uk variant.