In Development - What Are We Working On Today?

This page gives some detail on the different projects we are working on at the moment. At any one time, we may be developing up to 3 projects. All of our developments are on the .uk platform, we no longer develop names. We just use them to redirect to the .uk version of the name. - Launching Soon

HGV-UK in development


As many of you will be aware, there is a big shortage of service suppliers within the UK's HGV industry. Everything from drivers to containers, and we are currently building a platform to join up service buyers to service suppliers.

The platform will focus on drivers and loads but will also have sections for other HGV add-ons such as parking and insurance.

We own the domains name and, and we have decided to launch this site using the .uk domain extension as the primary domain. The domain will permanently redirect to the .uk domain via a 301 redirect.

We hope to launch by the end of November, going live in the run-up to Christmas 2021.

In addition to this name, we also have the brand domain name that we will be launching next year. We will have more details about this in another post.

No Other Ongoing Projects