Joint Ventures

As we have said many times on this site, we don't sell our domain names unless it is a crazy offer. What we might be willing to do though is enter into a joint ventures with others.

Names For Equity

When we look at some of the names that we own, we realise that we don't have the expertise to develop them to their maximum at the moment. If you take for one moment the name that we own. This would fit perfectly well into the up and coming market for the Virtual reality products about hit the market in 2016.

We don't have the skills necessary for us to enter this market on our own, we know our limitations. On the other hand there may be some fantastic young entrepreneurs out there who have the skills for the products and the designs, but don't have the cash to brand their start-up.

In cases like this we would consider a joint-venture where we would supply the name in exchange for a cut of the business. The equity stake would need to be ironed out later but in principle we are open to joint ventures.

The Benefits to us

We would like to be part of an ongoing business, our time is limited these days so we are unable to run as many projects as we would like. Therefore if someone proposes a project that doesn't require our time, we would certainly be interested.

Benefits to them

The proposers would of course benefit from having access to a fantastic domain name that they otherwise wouldn't be able to acquire. There will also be able to keep the cash that they would have spent on the domain name, an investor in their business instead. 

The risks are lower for them in that they don't have to shell out huge capital to get started.

Going forward

If this is something of interest to you or your colleagues, then please use the contact us page to send us more details about your thoughts. We don't require massive business plans to start with and we are happy to talk broadly about the aims.