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The Funny Asda Story

The Funny Asda Story

I’ve finally pushed someone into full meltdown on the Nominet forum, their response was to throw their toys out of the pram by reaching for past private conversations on WhatsApp, screenshot them and reveal to the world a previously told story about me ripping off Asda.

Did I really rip off Asda?

People can make their own minds up about whether or not it is really likely that I went from working at McDonald’s without any qualifications for £3.00 an hour to travelling around the country deciphering highly complex algorithmic codes to defraud Asda’s Reward Cards out of £250,000.

Let’s just say that I’m not overly worried about a Police enquiry on this one.

The origin's of the story

It was a funny story and was based on something real at one point. A good friend used to work at Asda and had a staff loyalty discount card. They used to let me borrow their card, I’d get 10%-20% off. The McDonald’s I used to work at in Barnsley was in the Asda car park and I’d constantly be seen with Asda bags so my friends always used to joke about it.

Then the story got more and more extravagant until I used to wind people up that I was getting free shopping from Asda using gift cards or counterfeiting saving stamps. Eventually it evolved into something else and 24 years on, it’s something else entirely.

Do people really think I made £250,000 from Asda and walked away without getting caught? Back in 1999 I could have bought 4 houses for that, or 25 in the People’s Democratic Republic of Barnsley.

It’s a funny story that is mildly amusing, I still chuckle that anyone would take it seriously.

Or maybe this is a double bluff and it did genuinely happen?

The Revealing of The Private Messages

What did happen though was that Curon Davies (SuperWhois on Acorn) felt it necessary to publish private historic WhatsApp messages on a public forum.

As most of you know, this isn’t how I operate. Even though I have enough of Curon’s own messages to make things extremely difficult for him – I won’t do it.

My friends trust me and speak to me because they expect a high level of privacy, and they will get it, even if they later fall out.

Revealing private messages publicly says more about the individual than it ever does about the party on the receiving end. Trust is a precious thing, once gone, it doesn’t come back.

The reason I would like the thread to stay open on the Nominet forum is so everyone can see that this individual shouldn’t be trusted, and those following him and the other Mr Davies (Just as bad) on the weighted voting issues should expect no privacy when communicating with others in that group. That’s both going forward, and things they have previously posted over the preceding 8-9 months.

I think that whole movement is now finished because of his actions. 

I won’t be revealing any private messages of Curon’s – I’ll keep my self-respect on that one. Nor am I worried about anything else he wants to reveal.

If it were from my mates from the Royal Marines Troop chat group that went rogue on me, oh good lord, those getting out would be something. Hang on, yep I'd be begging for mercy on that one :-)

The Real Standard

One thing I will do is show you a glimpse of what I did write to him in private, I’ll only show you my inputs and not his.

The context is that I made a mistake and sent him a voice recording of Mr Davies that I shouldn’t have done. It was to do with the recent DRS Mr Davies launched.

That’s how I operate when dealing with people and that’s the standard I set myself.


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