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.uk Domains

Recent £20,000 .uk sale further sign of's replacement

We recently sold a .uk domain name to a large broadcasting group. A further sign that .uk is going to replace

Top End Domain Names For Sale Becoming Rare

Over the last 12-18 months, the number of top-quality domain names ( and .uk) coming up for sale on the open market has decreased substantially.

Open Warfare Between Domain Catchers?

Seems that good old fashioned war has broken out between domain catchers, and thankfully I'm not involved in this one.

Nominet Washes Its Hands of The Drop System

How did Nominet take a broken drop system and make it worse? Identifying multi-taggers as a problem, then giving them a helping hand takes some doing.

Nominet Drops The Auction Model As Option

Nominet has released an interim statement in which they confirm that they won't be pursuing an auction model for their premium expired domain names. 

New Catching Flaw - Part 2

I wouldn't want to get too deep into speculating and conspiracy theories but since I had posted details about the flaw, I started to think a little about how I would have set it up if I wanted to take advantage of it. Maybe this is what has...

New Nominet drop catching flaw revealed?

On Saturday, I received an anonymous email with details of a new catching flaw at Nominet. They asked that I would publish it on my blog. I have done a bit of digging, and it all seems viable.

Time To Auction Nominet’s Drops? Sadly Yes

A fortnight ago Nominet announced a new consultation on proposals to change the way .uk domain names drop. The mention of auctions seems to have caused concern for many.

Did you have CoronaVirus in 2019?

There are increasing claims that a strain of COVID-19 may have been in the UK late 2019. If true, it may answer some questions about this outbreak.

Direct Admin v cPanel

Direct Admin v cPanel

Like most, I recently heard that cPanel has announced substantial price hikes. Many out there are now contemplating Direct Admin as an alternative. I have been running Direct Admin for the last two years and can give a little bit of insight...

Acorn Domains Censors Nominet Domain Catching Flaw

Why does Acorn Domains delete interesting threads that protect certain members and their own interests? Like the one, they just deleted yesterday that revealed a significant flaw in Nominet's drop catching system? The Nominet DAC Flaw.