Tuesday, 02 July 2019 13:13

24 hours in and .uk Trademark brown stuff hits fan?

Well, it's been less than 24 hours, and the brown stuff of .uk is already hitting the trademark fan. At least one name has already been placed into a suspended status.

Barclaysmoney.uk now has the title of being one of the first to be immediately suspended. Something tells me that more are on their way. Now did Barclays complain? Did Nom do that themselves? Who Knows?

In the coming 12 months, .UK is going to bring a very unwelcomed spotlight onto both Government and Nominet for allowing .uk to happen in this way. If this ends up in the courts, I think one of two compelling cases will; someone is going to have some explaining to do.

As for my involvement in the .uk drops, Nominet decided that I wasn't allowed to join in because I missed one of their emails that stated it was "available credit" not just "credit". Unfortunately, I made the mistake of renewing some names at the beginning of the month, and that took me slightly under the £450 "available credit". 

Nominet did try to email me, but I missed the email because I have a filter on emails from Nominet due to receiving endless emails from them about renewals, suspensions etc. 

If I missed an email from Nominet and missed out in taking part, just think of the poor .co.uk saps who ignored an email from Nominet because they had no idea who they are. These people are going to have a domain name appearing that is confusing similar. 

I raised all this with - shall remain nameless - non exec at Nominet who said, well that is their fault. Buyer beware is the new rule of the game.

As I don't have any .uk's without .co.uk's it's going to be fun watching the fallout while not being involved. 

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