Acorn Domains Censors Nominet Domain Catching Flaw

Why does Acorn Domains delete interesting threads that protect certain members and their own interests? Like the one, they just deleted yesterday that revealed a significant flaw in Nominet's drop catching system? The Nominet DAC Flaw.

That is what happened yesterday. Someone revealed the domain catching flaw and like a flick of a light switch, Acorn Admin deleted it. Why did they remove it if it didn't work? Why does he not want others to see it? Why is there a forum meant to help others where the admin is deleting tips to help people? Easy, because he doesn't want you to see it, the forum isn't there for you, it is there for him.

What's it all about?

There is a thread I was alerted to by a friend where some chap called me a cheat for catching names. Went crying to Nominet about a major flaw, people that were teaming up and all this bleating. It was embarrassing to read, constant moaning about how things weren't fair. I couldn't be bothered to reply and just left it at that. 

He kept posting about how he wanted to make it all fair and people should report others to Nominet, but at the same time, he wasn't willing to make it fairer by releasing the details of his found Nominet catching flaw to others. Just like everybody else out there, he doesn't want fairness; he wants an advantage by others helping him up by dragging others back. That's no different to all of us, but please be bloody honest about it RobM and drop the Robin Hood act.

Anyway, I was again alerted to it yesterday after someone had posted the flaw on Acorn. RobM, not only tried to talk people away from it - which is pretty low, actually it stinks - the flaw actually got deleted. The flaw that was posted wasn't word for word perfect but anyone that spent time coding would have got the message and worked out it was pretty close and how to do it.

So why was it deleted if it was wrong as Rob suggests?

That's a very good question. They wouldn't have deleted it if it was wrong, they'd have mocked it. The answer, therefore, it pretty clear to me, there is a little group of AcornDomains moderators and admins that are out for themselves. Acorn isn't there to help domainers, it's there to flog others crap names that others won't risk £5 putting on Domainlore to people that know no better.

AcornDomains is there to legally screw over new people to the industry. All these inflated membership levels, what bleeding nonsense. I run, a forum hundreds of times bigger, busier than Acorn and it costs me £50 a month, it's nothing. 

It's as if they have some over inflated vision of their own importance in the industry. It had zero influence in it's hey day, it has a billion times less now. It does not represent anything in the industry apart from it's own ego and that of people who missed some pretty big boats to some pretty big parties of years past.

Top tip, get off there and start building your projects. Stop writing content for Acorn and write it for your own blogs. 

If anyone wants to know the flaw, just email me and I'll tell you what it is. This fake censorship from those at Acorn won't work.

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Well said Graeme, not been on this year myself. People should remember this when they go to renew their membership plans on the forum. That forum is working against you, Steve, the admin doesn't like you, he desn't want you to be in the inner circle of knowledge. Just give him your money you mugs.

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Denys killed Acorn domains when he launched domainlore. Now, 90% of the posts are just links to DL auctions.

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This is what was posted on acorn -

"The DAC returns are not live, they are cached when you query it.

What you see returned from Nom has the same time on it as the results are cached.

But just before the name drops the time stamp on that query will update as the cache is flushed before it drops

When you see a different time returned, shout holy mother and fire a heavenly number of EPP requests every millisecond in order until you land a catch.

EPP request has a unique number that comes back from Nom so you can then tune your script to get every bloody poll number 100001 , 100002, 100003 etc"

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It isn't a timestamp - it's the delay between DAC queries. When the cache is cleared, it will just suddenly take a lot longer to come back. If there is a delay in the query being returned, then send the EPP requests.

That is what Domain Rover wasn't clear about in his / her AcornDomains post.

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Also RobM promised to bring the flow to all hosted catching customers, then asked us to update IP to a new one, but I can't see any contested domains caught other than mediocre domains, all the good one will go to "Rob's own system" names like, and many more, anyway I can't complain as I don't have my own competitive system, so will keep my mouth shut for now.

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