Amazon must be regretting their pro immigrant stance in Germany

Amazon must be regretting their pro immigrant stance in Germany

Just before Christmas, a German anti immigrant movement Pegida released a song that sold very well on Amazon. What Amazon did next is something that they might live to regret.

Amazon donated the profits from selling the song to immigrant charities, a major snub, or even open mockery of those German people who had bought the song to support their stance against immigration. Now that Germany has been rocked by hundreds of sex attacks by immigrants, Amazon are left looking rather foolish and embarrassed. 

This must well be a clear lesson to companies to stay well out of emotive political subjects and not to judge those that take a stance on genuine concerns. Amazon decided to place itself in a position of moral judgement and many German's are not yet ready to forgive them. In Germany they are seen as taking the side of rapists and terrorists. If a company is to be targeted and made an example of by angry German's, Amazon have put themselves on the firing line.

It might take them some time to try and rebuild their reputations.
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