Ashley Maddison Hack - The Solution Is Simple

The recent hack involving highly confidential data from the adult site Ashley Madison leaves me somewhat confused as to why the company is struggling to deal with it.

Ashley Madison is some kind of promiscuous sexual site where individuals agree to meet and have affairs. Of course with sites like this the data confidentiality will be a high priority and data can not get out. Leaving aside the morality of the site for one moment - as we are not here to comment on that - we want to walk through the solution that should be staring their CEO in the face.

Announcements from Ashley Madison has stated that it appears to have been an inside job and that data has been obtained through that method. OK most large companies have systems in place to stop that from happening but ultimately you have to rely on someone having access to data at some level. We therefore don't really want to talk about how it leaked as that is an internal issue and only AM will really know what clearance the person had. If it was the cleaner - then I guess they have received what they deserved.

Dealing with the problem

OK we are where we are, the data is out and it is real. For some reason the hackers have not yet released the full data, only snippets of it. This may be because they are trying to hype publicity for their main data dump which is yet to come. Or it may be that they are just showing they are real in order to blackmail AM for financial gain.

AM say they have already deleted - or have removed from the Internet - these snippets of info. That's nice, but they can keep doing that forever. It takes the hackers ten seconds to release new snippets, it takes AM days and massive amounts of cash to issue take down requests. That method is sustainable for long, they need to get ahead of the curve very quickly - and he is how.

What to do?

Remember what Churchill said "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies".

It is very simple, MA need to stop trying to remove the data and instead start to flood the internet with as much false data they can get their hands on and title it "Maddison Ashley Data Hack". If MA release 999 lists of data which is supposed to be real and the hackers release 1 list with what they say is real - who is going to know which is real and which isn't?

They need to buy spam lists, they need to buy false names, they need to buy real names and shove them all into lists and throw them out there. Get some real MP's, celebrities that were never on the lists in the first place and would never have been. Basically people that will take to the media and say this is all garbage. Make journalists and anyone that wants to know who is really on that list - doubt the lists they have are the real lists.

The hackers have no credibility, AM should use that to their advantage and fast. Discredit the whole data section, after the real list is not verifiable to anyone outside MA anyway. Weird how they are not doing that, it's not hard! 

Just to add - nope I'm not on that site and have never used it. :-)

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