Tuesday, 18 August 2015 02:58

Daily Mail acquires DailyMail.com

The Daily Mail seems to finally have got its hands on the domain name DailyMail.com. We have not seen any reports of any announced sale of the domain name so we can only speculate.

What seems to be certain is that the DailyMail.com url is now resolving to DailyMail.co.uk/ushome/ and that the whois details are now showing the name as being registered to "Associated Newspapers Ltd" - which is the parent company of the Daily Mail.

From memory it was previously registered to a Chicago-based registrant who didn't have a particularly active site on it. 

Daily Mail website has always been a well-respected software platform for them to distribute their news. Although the quality of their journalism is somewhat questionable at times, the website and the Daily Mail app have always been easy-to-use and intuitive. This has helped them to gain many followers on both sides of the Atlantic. Not having the .com most have hurt them by leaking US traffic to the previous owner.

All we can imagine is that after almost 20 years this individual / company in Chicago not selling out to "Associated Newspapers Ltd" they must have received one hell of an offer which finally convinced them to sell the domain name.

It is yet to be seen just what the Daily Mail will do with the dailymail.co.uk website and if that will be the focus going forward. After all the Daily Mail was one of the main newspapers to criticise the Leverson report in which it often cited foreign newspapers and blogs as not having to be bound to UK regulations on reporting. 

Interesting times