Does Radio Advertising Work?

We wanted to share with people our recent "toe in the water" experiences of advertising our latest new project on local radio.

Our local area is Barnsley, South Yorkshire and our local radio station is Dearne FM. The new project we decided to advertised was the website which dealt with upgrading existing owners to the new .uk platform.

One of the ways we wanted to reach potential new customers was with local radio, we wanted to try our local area first and then see how it went before deciding whether or not to roll it out. We called the local station and out came a sale rep with whom we went through the options.

We wanted them to produce the advert along the lines of an agreed script, this they did for around £120. They wanted us to agree to a months advertising because people don't take it in until they hear it 50,000 times apparently. We had doubts about this "keep using our services" statement - it's just contrary to common sense and of course leaves the radio station with almost 4 times the revenue they would get if you were to try it for a week - so they would claim that wouldn't they. We went with a week to see how things went.

The radio ad went live - so how did things go?

Not one visitor to the site over the whole week is the blunt truth. Radio for us was nothing short of a disaster, we had to check everything over and over. Was the site working? Was our stats working? Was Google analytics saying the same thing? Yep! We went through everything and our end was fully working. 

The content of the radio advert wasn't to blame - it went a lot further into scare tactics then even we wanted. Basically it was almost touching on "upgrade to .uk - or lose your". We were really on the verge of misselling our service, we certainly wouldn't have used the advert again if we had continued radio advertising.

Maybe radio advertising is good for cementing existing brands or something, who knows? We certainly won't be going down the radio route anytime soon.

If we were to go back, we would get the sales rep to put in writing minimum return levels before we went forward. If they are that confident of what they are promising you then they should have no problem doing so. If they don't - well you'll know to run a mile.

That - is now finished
Ashley Maddison Hack - The Solution Is Simple

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