Thursday, 24 December 2015 07:20

Exactly Why Nominet Shouldn't Be A Membership Entity

I watch with bemusement the actions of some members of Nominet in response to the latest price hike and the dropping of the multi year discount on the registration and renewals of domain names.

First of all I can't really see why Nominet is raising more money, I can't see the reason for it. 

That's not my concern though, my concern is why some members are asking questions about the companies structure, why? when? how did this happen? can't members stop this? Where is Nominet going?

Let us just stop and rewind here, these are questions that Sir Michael Lyons was wanting feedback on no more than 6 months ago. I would have a bet that as few as 20 people replied to his request for feedback on the Governance and aims of Nominet. 

It isn't a problem if you don't want to give Sir Michael feedback, but don't then pop up 6 months later demanding to be heard.

This is exactly what is wrong with the company / membership, unless changes effect certain groups of individuals - they don't care! The company can do what it wants until it effects them specifically. To some extent the same thing happened with the announcement of .uk and the release mechanism. All hell broke loose because it effected members business models. 

I'm not a Nominet member now, I've chosen not to renew my membership in order to keep out of the politics of it. I've chosen to use to administer my names and am very happy with them and their control panel. I don't see why the constant heavy lifting and questioning should just fall on the shoulders of about 6-7 people who then get branded as the usual crowd - ironically no longer by those in Nominet - but by the people they are trying to protect.

One example of this is people questioning them and their refusal to call an immediate EGM. I think some people have got a dam cheek questioning them and what they choose to do with the list they themselves have put together to call for an EGM.

At the end of the day it is very simple, If you don't like what they are doing - go get your own list together of people who want an EGM, you go and call it yourself. Attacking them as though they have let you down is a joke, get off your backside and go do it yourself. Yes I know you could do better than them if you wanted blah blah blah.

I've also seen certain people questioning who gave this small group of people authority to meet with Nominet's management a week or two ago. Seriously, do they need your permission? 

Let me be brutally honest with you, you people are those fat individuals often presented on the Channel 5 benefit programs that sit there with their bags of crisps complaining about everything - whilst at the same time living off the hard work of other people. If you can do better, go do it! Stop whining.

By the way, the individuals who went and met with Nominet recently were also the ones who (at their own expense) went out of their way and met Sir Michael Lyons earlier this year to discuss certain issues - did you?

I fully agree with those people not to call it at this time, Nominet have met with them and are willing to discuss with members at a meeting in January and if things can be worked out amicably then why not do it that way. Either way it is there decision because they put in the time and effort to get the list together.

I've written about this - might have been on my old blog on as I can't find it at present - but I no longer think Nominet should be a membership organisation. The overwhelming majority of its members mostly look after themselves and little more. The UK public deserves much better that a charade of Governance given by a membership that doesn't on a whole care.