Goodbye Twitter

Goodbye Twitter

I have finally decided to call it a day on Twitter - @GreyWingUK is no more, closing my account after 3 or 4 long years. The final straw was their censorship of Katie Hopkins, as many of you know I don't do censorship. Continuing on Twitter meant I was in agreement with their practices, I didn't want to be associated with that.

During the lockdown, I've become aware of more and more people being censored and shadowbanned on social media platforms. I've always known it has gone on, but the scale of it and the number of mainstream people they have labelled as "far-right" or "conspiracy theorists" have been an eye-opener.  Professors Karol Sikora'sinterviews shadowbanned on YouTube for saying the virus had burnt itself already - his interview was banned but he has been proven to be right. Peter Hitchen's has been shadowbanned for his "lockdown wasn't needed" views. The only reason we know about these is due to the credibility they both hold in their fields. How many more is there? Who knows!

Censorship is counterproductive, it's a big bright red flag that even you know that you have lost an argument, that you are unable to debate with someone, that you are just a child. Banning someone from holding their views changes nothing, you can't ban the truth - it is still the truth. You can change the truth by debate and challenge, but not by censorship. For those that say it isn't censorship because Twitter is a private entity, I think you are wrong. It isn't illegal censorship but it is still censorship. If social media platforms are benefitting in law with immunity because they say they can't censor posts, they can't then start censoring posts and expect the same legal immunity. They are showing they can do something, whilst at the same time pretending they can't. That defence doesn't add up.

12 years ago, there was talk in the domain community that domains were dead because people were using Facebook/business-name. I said at the time that you would have to be mad to place your business into a subdomain of Facebook and under their control. Thankfully I was proved right and now people realise that the only protection is to host your views on your own domain name. If you post enough good content, people won't even bother to come through the search engines. A good domain will always overcome censorship.

That being said, one parting shot Katie took at Twitter was to say that she was now on - I've just had a look and it has quite some traction. They label themselves as a free speech social network platform. I've just signed up

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The share price of Twitter must be worrying for investors, it is now 15% down compared to the day that Katie Hopkins announced she was off to

Go Woke, Go Broke.

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