Monday, 13 March 2017 01:26

GreyWing Buys For $117,500

We are pleased to report that last month we managed to secure the domain name for the price of $117,500 from Nametra who is based in the US.

The name was one that I (Graeme Wingate) had been trying to get hold of for sometime but circumstances never allowed for us to meet on price with Andrew over at Nametra. In the last month or two we finally managed to come to an agreement - well my colleague and Andrew hammered out a price - and a sale finally completed. 

The name has been acquired for a future project and the name will partner up with and We don't foresee any further purchases in the future and this was a one off purchase, we are the end user for this name and it has not been bought for resale.

This is our first real venture into the world of .com's, as many will know we have a few nice names in the and .uk environment that are waiting for development. Some may say that we have got the price wrong and paid too much, and they maybe right, but at the end of the day the price didn't really matter as we don't intend to sell it. The seller wouldn't have sold it for less and we didn't have funds to pay more it. We are happy as the buyer and as far as we know Nametra is happy as a seller.

We don't intend to release our plans for it at this moment in time but we hope to be able to in the coming months.

P.S Technically my company "Guard International LTD" bought the name, although I own that company.