Tuesday, 21 March 2017 11:57

I have leased out just about all of our domains

I am pleased to have just completed a deal that has seen me lease out all of our domain names and active websites for a period of three years. The deal which was completed a few weeks ago let's me focus on just one project going forward. 

I've been wanting to do this for sometime and having a number of web projects all ongoing at the same time but in different fields - has made things more stressful and harder to manage. I also wanted to focus more on a offline business, sort of offline. My aim is to try my hand at building up BanrsleyTaxis.com This is my first venture into running a business in the real world and what could possibly go wrong? :-)

I've also had just about all I can take of regulatory bodies sticking their noses into places where they shouldn't be. Groups like the FCA are making things harder for small businesses to operate and trying their best to omit small business from the market place, stop them competing with more established place. After a few years of battling against them I've decided to take a few years out and have an easy life for a while.

I'm ending all my online interested apart from the taxi website, I'll be back in 2020 so see you all then.