The Madness of Nominet's Board

Nominet Board

Hate to say it, but I think that they just don't get it. My first thoughts are that the remainder of the board have lost the plot.

I have never met Robin Binns (Acting Chair) and after hearing him speak at the EGM and his since public statements, I had great hope for the direction of Nominet. His latest email today has just left me shaking my head.


On one hand Robin says this:

Our own bylaws and corporate governance standards require that we follow a robust process, and so we will therefore run the Chair search in line with the best practice from the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments.

Robin Binns, Acting Nominet Chair

It looks to be in response to the (I would say) members wishes to appoint Sir Michael and Axel and then in the same email there is this:

We are also conscious that the Board as it is now constituted lacks diversity, and we have instructed the search firm to prioritise that consideration.

Robin Binns, Acting Nominet Chair

FFS, those two statements are borderline schizophrenic. Stop treating so-called minorities like tokens just to appear one of the cool gang who has a socalled minority friend. It's statements like this that put me right off wanting to have anything to do with Nominet. Screw diversity, if you are good enough then you are good enough. They've just undermined this new board member before they have ever been appointed. This board member will forever be known as "Token".

But the main point is, we have a rigorous recruitment process if members want someone appointing - but if the board want someone appointing, then we don't. 

Treating us like idiots again.

Same Old Nominet

They had an opportunity to appoint Axel as CEO on a temporary basis until it could be confirmed at a later date. Instead they went back to Eleanor Bradley, it's looking backwards not forwards. A massive middle finger to the membership.

All the nice words from the board but no action from Nominet.

Sadly, I think the rest of the board has to go. I have no idea if a new EGM is planned, I have never spoken to Simon, but I would certainly back a new vote to remove the rest of the board. Nominet needs to move on, the current board continues to look backwards. Let's bite the bullet and get it over and done with.

I really wanted to work with them and contribute, but I'm out.

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