Nominet EGM: Voting "Yes" Will Bring Government


Nominet has made the extraordinary claim that a "Yes" vote at the EGM will trigger Government intervention.

The Claim

"A vote for the EGM resolution will not preserve Nominet's independence."

Mark Wood, Nominet Chairman

This seems quite explicit, it appears to be a statement of fact. There is no "could", "may", "probably", there is only "will not preserve". 

I do not see any other explanation other than the Chair has been told that a "Yes" vote will bring in the Government in some form or another. If that is the case, then we all have to vote with this in mind.

But what if it isn't?

That would equally be extraordinary. If this isn't true, the whole board is complicit in attempting to deceive Nominet members. They must surely know that as we speak, several Nominet members will (I won't) be writing a Freedom of Information Act request to see what the Government has told the board, or Chair Mark Wood. If the FOI request does not back up that Government "IS" coming in the event of a Yes vote, then not only is it a breach of Directors Duties, but it may also be fraud.

Very Serious

Don't forget that the person making these claims stands to keep hold of his salary. If he is financially benefiting from a lie, it's (was) called "obtaining a pecuniary advantage", nowadays I think the charge is just fraud by misrepresentation.

The four other directors will be aware of what Mark has just published on behalf of the board, by allowing it and not correcting it, they could also be in line for some legal questions. 

This has just gone up to a whole new level of risk. I do hope Mark Wood and the board can back this up. 

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