Nominet Washes Its Hands of The Drop System

Nominet Washes Its Hands of The Drop System

How did Nominet take a broken drop system and make it worse? Identifying multi-taggers as a problem, then giving them a helping hand takes some doing.

Currently, Nominet has a broken drop system; some things that are broken can be fixed; others just can't. The tech holes can be fixed, the ability to have multiple tags can't. I've been through this in other blog posts.

What Nominet have done here with the new drop system is to separate themselves off from criticism by sorting the tech side (but even that's yet to stand up to interrogation), but leaving rule-abiding members to fend for themselves when up against rule-breaking Multi-taggers. There is not one solution in this to address this; in fact they have made it easier for Multi-taggers.

Nominet seems to be trying to wash their hands of any responsibility for the dodgy drop system. I have an increasing sense that they now want to sell cybersecurity services more than they want to sell domains, and for that to happen, they have to push any hint of a dodgy drop system as far away as possible.

Nominet knows that there is a big problem with multi-taggers. I have spoken to many there over the years, and they have acknowledged privately, and publicly that this cannot be fixed - and I agree. So why do they claim that there is no incentive to have multiple tags with the new system, but at the same time, they are limiting accounts to 10 EPP requests? Why limit it to 10 if there is no incentive to have 20 per account? It makes no sense!

This shows a shocking level of understanding from a registry provider. Any child from the age of 10 knows that the more raffle tickets you have, the greater your chance of winning.

The path for the future is now clear, the more that these multi-taggers catch, the more fake tags they buy, the more they catch, the more fake tags they buy - and so the vicious circle continues.

A fair few members will buy £1000 access for the first year, maybe around 80-100, but fall away as they realise just how rigged against them the game is. In 12 months there may be as few as five truly independent players involved in .uk catching. Notice I said five independent players and not 5 tags.

16/10/20 Edit: I've edited the final part of this blog post, I live by a blanket rule that I don't comment on the Governance of Nominet and I crossed that line in my pre-edited blog post. 

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