Open Warfare Between Domain Catchers?

Open Warfare Between Domain Catchers?

Seems that good old fashioned war has broken out between domain catchers, and thankfully I'm not involved in this one.

I don't really want to touch too much on what is going on, but I do want to comment on why it is going on and that is probably because of the lack of oversight from Nominet. As far as I know, they have made no public statements on the issue. 

As I understand it, one person is catching statisically abnormal number of high valued domain names. From what I know from people I trust, this person isn't breaking any rules and therefore Nominet won't act.

But! and this is the big but!, Nominet did act 12-13 months ago when it was publicly revealed that there was a small delay in the DAC response time before a domain dropped. Meaning that certain people had an advantage in catching the name. Nominet fixed that, even though those who were using it were not breaking any rules. 

So why did they close that anomalie 12 months ago and leave this one open?

12 months ago, the delay flaw was known by several people (probably 20+), the number of different catches was numerous and those doing the catching were varied. So when they say they are unwilling to close this loophole with just one person catching most of the good names, it makes no sense to me.

4-5 months ago they closed an EPP loophole where people could check nameservers before a drop, I don't understand it fully but I think it meant unlimited EPP checks. Again, totally legal and not against the AUPs.

I'm not calling for the anomalie to be closed, but if Nominet don't give a reason why they close some and leave others open, then there are double standards happening. When double standards happen, it leads members to do battle between themselves. Which is what we are witnessing at the moment.

I bet right now they are wishing that they chose the Auction model for the new drop method :-). All of this could have been avoided. Instead it looks like they can't implement their preferred paid for acccess model because so few people are going to pay the money to sign up. Who is going to pay for access when one person's code is cleaning up?

Nominet need to be much more proactively involved in the drop system, or relationships between members are going to descend further.

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GW is this you?

We are trying to buy a name from this company

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Nominet have to take some kind of responsibility, I'd agree with that. Too busy sending people Cheese for Christmas when all members really want is their concerns to be addressed.

Nobody is asking for them to break GDPR, but they can say that they have listened to the concerns and that no rules have been broken. Instead, they just bring silence.

No wonder Nominet members are on the brink of battling it out

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Nominet have found themselves to be lacking here. Any legal loophole in the past that has benefitted few people, has been closed. Then they leave this one wide open to be exploited by one person with multiple linked family tags, and they still do nothing even with all the proof.

I find it hard to explain. I also find it hard to explain why they haven't moved forward with the new drop system. That also look to have been binned, but they don't want to admit it.

What a mess

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