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Many of you may be aware that we used to operate from the website and then subsequently - today we closed those sites and moved completely back to GreyWing. We haven't used the GreyWing brand since 2010 but now we are back - this time as the .uk - not the

There were many reasons for the move and the major one being that we felt that it was just time to head back to our old brand "GreyWing". We were having problems getting "That" ranked in Google because of the number of times "that" is used in the English Language. Where as people wanting to find us as "GreyWing" shouldn't have any problems once this site has a few weeks of being established.

The name also was also linked to an episode in our past that we want to put behind us. The defamation case involved the now dissolved company "That Internet Ltd" and closing down that chapter allows us to move on a little more. We are no longer involved in anyway with any politics of Nominet. 

None of the emails that ended in or will work from this point on. We intend to totally cleanse the name and possibly sell it in the future. Any emails sent to any previous @that emails address will bounce and an error message sent. Only names now ending in will work, those wanting to reach us can always use the contact us page.
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