Top End Domain Names For Sale Becoming Rare

Over the last 12-18 months, the number of top-quality domain names ( and .uk) coming up for sale on the open market has decreased substantially.

I have recently been speaking to several friends in the industry; this is becoming increasingly noticeable. Top domains aren't available anywhere like they used to be. It's not surprising that top domains would become rarer, but it is surprising just how fast they have disappeared.

Time to develop sites rather than trade in them is the only thing to do now.

by a friend

It wasn't so long ago you could buy top-end names at sites like Domainlore. I had picked up a few over the years. It just seems that they aren't coming onto the reseller market anymore.

As the supply of names dwindled, I had expected that prices would start to rise. But I didn't foresee a time when good names would stop being sold altogether. Of course, there will good names out there being sold, but you don't half have to put in some leg work to get them.

The quality of domain names dropping is quite low now. There are expired SEO names that are bringing in decent money, but there are zero names of any general quality. Those days are long gone. I would say that this reason accounts for a significant proportion of the names no longer popping up for sale.

Another reason maybe that Domainlore is charging 5% on sales. I don't begrudge Domainlore for taking a 5% commission, why should Denys do it for free? But, the quality of names going on Domainlore has dried up since this happened. Maybe it is nothing more than a coincidence.

It could also be that top-end names are not fetching the prices that they once did. Maybe people don't want to part with them if they aren't confident that they will return a reasonable price?

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Gone are the days when you could buy on a decent quality domain on a site like Domainlore. In a way it's a good thing as it shows that domain prices are rising.

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We can second that, we've bought some great names on Domainlore over the years, at fantastic prices.

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