Trump Could Still Be President For The Next Four Years

Trump Could Still Be President For The Next Four Years

The reason I feel this is that friends are telling me that some strange things are happening in the US, and I'm seeing some evidence of what they are saying. I believe that Trump is about to bring in the Military to take control and make arrests, if he hasn't already.

The reasons that I think this is that there are some extraordinary things happenings. 

1) Defense Secretary Mike Pompeo tweeted a picture of "America First". This sets him at odds to everything Biden and his team have said. As others in Trump's administration start to kneel to, Mike held up a big FU sign to team Biden.

2) Trump was today pictured on a plane holding a red folder. A red folder usually contains important/emergency military information. Secondly, why was this picture released, or allowed to be released? It's symbolic of something.

3) Millions have been banned from Twitter on Friday the 8th of January, the biggest purge I have ever seen. Someone is really terrified of people talking to each other.

4) An alert was sent out, reminding all broadcasters of their obligation under the Emergency Broadcast System.

5) US Military command has OK'd the National Guard to be armed in Washington DC

6) Strange planes being tracked all over the US. The President's emergency OverWatch Aircraft is all over the place.

7) An Affidavit has been submitted to the US Congress by the person who worked for Italian defence contractor Leonardo who says they were in charge of the software that flipped the votes. Trump has had this information since Christmas Eve.

8) The most significant warning beacon is the fact that they are desperate to impeach Trump as soon as possible. This is the sign that someone is very very desperate. Why would they do that if he had just 12 days to go?

9) I'm watching videos of Trump's closest friends saying that he will be President for four more years, they can't say how but watch this space.

10) Trump never conceded anything. His statement is very cleverly worded, it sounds close but he doesn't concede. The media are busy trying to convince everyone that he did, but he didn't. He never once says a transfer to the Biden administration, he just says to the next administration - which could be his.

Something doesn't add up with the mainstream narrative. One or two of these things happening on their own wouldn't be cause for interest, all of them together?

Friends are telling me that it was allowed to play out like it has because they now know who the traitors are. Technically they have committed a crime by certifying election fraud.

I don't believe that Trump is running the show anymore, I think it is the US Military that are in command now.

This is developing, and it ain't over.

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