Uber Drivers Employment Recognition Is A Great Step


Some good news for once, this morning news came from the High Court, which confirmed that Uber drivers were employees and not self-employed.

I'm a big believer in zero hours' contracts and the gig economy when it's done right, but not when those employed in the sector are falsely passed off as self-employed. Uber Drivers were, in my opinion, clearly not self-employed.

The move of labelling drivers as self-employed allowed Uber to avoid the employment laws. Drivers missed out on rights that would have included the protection of the minimum wage and holiday pay etc. In my opinion, if a bulk of a contractor's hours are made up of working for one employer, then they are an employee and not self-employed.

Some of Uber's delivery drivers had reported that by the time their expenses were deducted, they were on less than £2 per hour.

Uber has used their loose views on employment rights to undercut other taxi providers, giving them an unfair advantage. All that seems to have been corrected today.

The ruling must be a shot across the bow of other big providers that rely on the gig economy, Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Amazon's main delivery business. All currently rely heavily on what they describe as the self-employed to deliver their goods.

Today is a great day, not only for Uber drivers but also for the drivers of similar types of businesses. It's also a fantastic day for Uber's competitors who have had to sick back and watch Uber undercut them for many years. They can now try to compete on a level playing field.

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