.uk rights and fake tags

I've not been following the .uk launch all that closely, I know there is a little bit of upset at the launch process. It is something I'm not getting involved in, and I didn't even sign the recent petition against the release process.

What I did notice though, is that people are making a point out of new tags appearing. It is a fair point that if tags are being applied for in false or borrowed names that are cloaked in some way, then it should be investigated. If not from a catching platform point of view then certainly from a company Governance standpoint Nominet should look into it. In reality though, what can be done, what can ever be done about it apart from make it more expensive for new members to join?

On a slightly different issue, I've also seen discussions where people think these new tags are applying for up to 90k in credit to get the full amount. I don't think that is true, I can't see why they would.

If my maths are correct, if you place 90k with Nominet, you get 150 request per minute. That is £600 per request per minute.

If you pay for a standard tag, it would cost around £600 and you would get 6 requests per minute. That would cost you £100 per request per minute. 

Why bother putting 90k with Nominet when you could just buy up 25 tags for £15,000 and get exactly the same allowance as having 90k on an account?

And no, before you ask I only have the one tag :-)

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you are correct but you won't get that £15k back and also 25 tags may have better edge then one ?

25 * 6 connections = 150 open connections to epp

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Problem is if you deposit £90k and catch nothing you get the £90k back. If you pay £600 per TAG you never see that money again.

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