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The Blog

We like to share our thoughts on certain subjects - domains, online tech, current affairs etc. We'll try to keep it as active as possible with regular updates, it will be both satirical and serious at times.

I watch with bemusement the actions of some members of Nominet in response to the latest price hike and the dropping of the multi year discount on the registration and renewals of domain names. First of all I can't really see why Nominet is raising more money, I can't see the reason for it. That's not my concern though, my concern is why some members are asking questions about the companies structure, why? when? how did this happen? can't members stop this? Where is Nominet going? Let us just stop and rewind here, these are questions that Sir Michael Lyons…
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 06:04

We have just gone Viral

We are happy to announce that we have just managed to acquire the domain name "" Unlike a lot of other names in our portfolio, we actually have plans to develop this name into a real world business that will grow into an exciting on line advertising brand. We have long since wanted to build an online ad agency, because it fits in nicely into what we already do. To use one of the 90's buzz words "synergy". What this means is that whilst our staff work on the brands of external customers, they can also work on our own…
Tuesday, 18 August 2015 02:58

Daily Mail acquires

The Daily Mail seems to finally have got its hands on the domain name We have not seen any reports of any announced sale of the domain name so we can only speculate. What seems to be certain is that the url is now resolving to and that the whois details are now showing the name as being registered to "Associated Newspapers Ltd" - which is the parent company of the Daily Mail. From memory it was previously registered to a Chicago-based registrant who didn't have a particularly active site on it. Daily Mail website has always…
Wednesday, 22 July 2015 21:51

That - is now finished

Many of you may be aware that we used to operate from the website and then subsequently - today we closed those sites and moved completely back to GreyWing. We haven't used the GreyWing brand since 2010 but now we are back - this time as the .uk - not the There were many reasons for the move and the major one being that we felt that it was just time to head back to our old brand "GreyWing". We were having problems getting "That" ranked in Google because of the number of times "that" is used…
Tuesday, 21 July 2015 21:55

Does Radio Advertising Work?

We wanted to share with people our recent "toe in the water" experiences of advertising our latest new project on local radio. Our local area is Barnsley, South Yorkshire and our local radio station is Dearne FM. The new project we decided to advertised was the website which dealt with upgrading existing owners to the new .uk platform. One of the ways we wanted to reach potential new customers was with local radio, we wanted to try our local area first and then see how it went before deciding whether or not to roll it out. We called…
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