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Buying and Selling Domain Names


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      Recently Acquired / Not for sale

      Recently Acquired / Not for sale
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Number of owned domain names
248 - 94%'s
% of domain names developed

Domain Names

We specialise in UK domain names,
we buy names to develop, not to sell on
we currently have around 240 names.

In-House Development

GreyWing has its own in-house development team
which now numbers 18 skilled people
who have the freedom to develop projects.

GreyWing - UK Domain Name Specialists

This site is meant to give for those interested a small glimpse at what it is that we do here, or what we don't do rather.

We don't work with external clients, we are not an agency that takes on web design clients. We only work on our own in-house projects, buying branded domain names and building businesses on them before bringing them to market. 

What do we do?

We buy quality domain names, we have a portfolio of some nice .uk domain names and always looking to add to these if the price is right.

We build our own sites, we have an in-house team of web developers that build our sites for us. 

On some very rare occasions we will sell domain names, doesn't happen often though. Sometimes we receive an email with an offer for a domain name that we can't reject. If the price is right and we have no longer have a use or the domain name, we may consider selling it. That being said, on some domain names we own, we wouldn't sell at any price if we have a plan for it. 

What we don't do!

We don't take on web design projects for any outside clients, we only work on our own tasks.

We don't actively sell our domain names. Unlike others that have a portfolio of domains, we don't need to sell to survive. Our business model works perfectly well without selling our names. 

What we might do!

Sometimes we are contacted by people that want to work with some of our domain names on a joint venture type basis. Where we would get shares in a business in return for providing a certain domain name to the project. If this is of interest then we are always happy to hear from people with their plans via the contact us page.

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