Abuse or Complaints


If you have an issue with any domain name that is registered on the GreyWing tag, we ask that in the first instance you attempt to contact the owner of the domain name. Details of the owner can sometimes be found on the domain's website. You may also wish to try to find the owner by searching the whois database that Nominet provide.

If these methods fail to resolve the issue, you may contact us to request help and in some circumstances we may be able to take action. These circumstances may include but are not limited to:

1) Infringement or abuse of Intellectual Property

2) Illegal or Criminal Content

3) Technical Abuse

There is no set response to alerts of abuse, we will judge all requests on their merits and respond appropriately within a maximum of 48 hours.


We take complaints extremely seriously and will try to resolve any complaints as fast as possible. Please us the "contact us" page to refer any problems you have with GreyWing. 

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