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On Reflection

Apology to The Old Owner Of UKDNF

I could probably just edit one of my previous posts, hide it away, and keep my head down - but that wouldn’t be right. This needs a blog post of its own.

Acorn Censorship

Acorn Domains Now Deleting Posts

Good ole Helmuts has been active this morning, attempting the internet version of book burning and censorship.

UKDNF Forum Intro

UKDNF Gone Permanently

In my previous blog post, I mentioned why UKDNF was down and who was behind it.

UKDNF Screenshot Intro

UKDNF is down, Ryan Ewen Why?

Every industry has its cranks, and I genuinely believe the biggest crank in the UK domain industry right now is Ryan Ewen.

Avoid Review Project Intro - The Project - Part 1

The project has been on my to-do list for almost 18 years, and for a number of reasons, I think it is time to crack on with it.

Broken BitCoin

Why I don't trust Bitcoin

I thought it was finally time to air my concerns about its security. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but I never got around to it.

Court UK

Nominet Wins Appeal Against WeightedVoting Member

Unsurprising news from the Court in Cardiff

New Blog Section

With the new site design, I have decided to rebuild the blog section of the site. The old site had become outdated and its time was up.