About Us

GreyWing was founded by its owner Graeme Wingate in 2004. We started out with a few single domain names and have since then added to both the quality and quantity of the portfolio.
Since the beginning we have continuously look to develop and names into actual businesses in their own right. We were never what you would call a group of domainers, someone or a group that buys and sells domain names for a living. Our primary aim in buying domain names was always to develop them. We have never relied on selling domain names to make a living. Very little of our income has ever come from this method of trading.
Development - this is where most of our experience comes from. We develop our own projects and turn them into real businesses that we either sell on or we make a living from. 
Our early success stories have been mostly in finance, although this is becoming harder due to the price of obtaining brand-able names and licensing. The FCA has become prohibitive to anyone wanting to start out in the industry. The licensing / regulation and costs involved in starting are now a serious deterrent. It looks like a trend we. Are seeing more and more of, so much for that little UK business that can start in a bedroom and grow to become a challenge to the big boys.
Our focus in the future is to continue to develop our existing brands but we will only be developing new projects on the .uk platform. We are no longer developing our new sites on .co.uk because we are confident that .uk is the future.

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