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Buying a Domain From GreyWing

Regrettably, I cannot sell domain names directly after acquiring them; they must first go through Domainlore. This arrangement is part of an agreement with a third party, stipulating that the recently caught domains must be listed for auction on Domainlore. Despite attempts to negotiate a buyout of my partner's 50% ownership for the domains I wished to retain personally, it has been a no go.

On one or two names, it can be very frustrating, but in the long run, sticking to an agreement like this cuts out a lot of disagreements on how to value a name and split the money evenly. I know he/she is right to stick to their agreement, no matter how much I’d like it to be different.

Partnering With GreyWing

Unfortunately, I'm not open to it anymore. Although I've been involved in several of them in the past and still have ongoing commitments, the experiences have been challenging. I've faced numerous setbacks, lost many friendships, and most industry peers I've spoken to share similar sentiments—they rarely work out positively. My focus now is on valuing friendships more than any potential monetary gain from such ventures.

If I can help anyone out with advice or doing favours, I'll do them free of charge and without strings attached. It's just cleaner doing it that way.

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