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Domain names are the bedrock of everything we do here, working with great domain names enables us to gain authority in specific sectors. We love to buy domain names, but unlike many other domain portfolio owners we don't tend to sell them.

Our Domain Portfolio

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We would like to think that we have put together a memorable domain portfolio over the last 17 years in the business. When we first stepped out on our journey all those years ago, our aim was never to buy so many domains, it just happened by accident, right place, right time and all that, but here we are. As of November 2021, the number of domains registered to us now stands at over 400.

All of the domain names that we bought were bought to develop into real businesses later on. We don't buy domain names to sell later at a profit, that was never our intention. Sometimes we get offers that we can't turn down, and sometimes we let domain names go if we no longer need them. These are the only two circumstances that we would consider selling them. But these are few and far between. In the last 24 months, we have only accepted one offer on a domain name that we no longer needed. We go into this in more detail lower down this page in the "Selling Domains" section.

We Buy Domain Names

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GreyWing is an active buyer of high-end domain names. Whilst we would love to buy .com domain names, the good ones are often too expensive for us. Our real expertise is in .uk domain names.

As many of you will know from reading this site, we expect that the .uk platform will continue to grow at the expense of the It may take a few more years, but we see it becoming more popular at some point. When that happens, there will be no going back to the third tier domain.

With that in mind, we are only buying .uk domain names from now on. We will buy the if the .uk is part of the deal, but sadly, it is not for us if it is just the We will still buy the .uk on its own, no need for it to be paired with the

With the utmost respect to the people who contact us, we only buy very top-end domain names. We would also ask that you state an asking price for your domain name when you get in touch, it helps speed up the process for everyone.

Selling Domain Names

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As we hinted at in one of the above sections, we don't actively sell domain names. In the last two years, we have sold only one domain name, and that was because we got a significant offer that we could not refuse. All of the names we registered/bought were obtained because we felt we needed them and could grow them into fully active businesses in the future.

Unfortunately, we don't publish a list of our names. We share mentions of some of them around the site, and often we mention them in our blog posts, but we won't issue a complete list.