New Blog Section

New Blog Section

With the new site design, I have decided to rebuild the blog section of the site. The old site had become outdated and its time was up. One of the biggest decisions was whether to carry over the older blog posts or start fresh with new content. Although there was probably a day's work in copying everything over, when I went through the content, none of it seemed relevant today.

Some of the content went as far back as 2013, and although it may have been interesting back then, there is little of interest to today's visitors.

My Main Points

My main predictions and points over the years are still on the record, and I am happy to state them again.

  • Ukraine can't possibly beat Russia. Encouraged by sick western elites, 300,000 precious Ukrainian young men will die in this futile attempt before the West walks away.

  • Post 1991, NATO is a terrorist organisation run by little children.

  • Covid was real but completely over-hyped. Masks were always a bonkers idea that did nothing. Covid theatre was real and people on mass went along with it.

  • I believe Covid Vaccines don't work, are and always have been dangerous. But would never attempt to deny people the ability to obtain and take it.

  • People that attempted to force medical procedures (vaccines) on others through force or coercion are sorry individuals.

  • .uk will be the biggest domain extension within the United Kingdom within 10 years.

  • The western economy is on a one way path that will end with the inflationary collapse of western currencies.

  • Deep down, people would rather be lied to than told the truth.

  • Man made climate change is nothing more than a scam.

At this point you are probably starting to realise why we don't work with third party clients.


What to expect from the blog going forward?

As this is a personal blog, I think a few more personal rants are a certainty, followed by a few more "I told you so" posts, and that kind of thing are guaranteed.

As with everything else on here, I'd ask readers to take things with a pinch of salt. It's just a place for a rant. If I knew the future, I'd be betting on the stock market.


Pro freedom of speech, pro personal responsibility, pro individual - anti group think

Graeme Wingate

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